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Welcome to FamFilms, where we specialize in crafting cherished family video documentaries designed to preserve your unique family stories for generations to come. We understand the power and importance of capturing and preserving the memories, experiences, and traditions that make your family truly extraordinary.

At FamFilms, we believe that every family has a remarkable story to tell, and we are dedicated to helping you bring those stories to life in a visually captivating and heartfelt manner. Our team of talented filmmakers combines their passion for storytelling with their expertise in cinematography to create timeless documentaries that beautifully encapsulate the essence of your family's journey.

With our meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach, we work closely with each family to ensure that their individuality shines through every frame. Whether it's capturing the laughter during family gatherings, the wisdom shared by older generations, or the heartwarming anecdotes passed down through the years, we are committed to preserving these precious moments in a way that reflects the true spirit of your family.

At FamFilms, we understand the value of preserving family legacies and the powerful connections they foster. Our mission is to honor your family's heritage, celebrate your achievements, and create a lasting legacy for future generations to treasure. We take great pride in producing films that evoke emotions, foster a sense of belonging, and bring families closer together.


Let us help you tell your unique story through the art of filmmaking. Contact FamFilms today and embark on a memorable journey to immortalize your family's narrative in a captivating and timeless documentary.


My name is Michael Garrett, a co-founder of FamFilms. I am so excited to be of service to you! I love people and family history!

Michael Garrett


My name is Zack Wood, a co-founder of FamFilms.I love helping people connect through stories. I am passionate about film and families!

Zackary Wood


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