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People wait too long to record their personal history, and compiling it into a book requires months of concentrated effort. In addition, these "personal history" books end up unread by younger generations because they are too long to read and are not engaging.

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Rather than spending months at a time trying to write your story, let us capture your entire life history in only 3 hours. We turn these films into engaging videos that your succeeding generations will watch over and over again. With our fun interview process, giving your family the gift of your story has never been so easy!

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"Because of my age, I was embarrassed to be on video. After I received my FamFilm, I was so impressed by how well it looked. I would tell everyone to buy this product.

Cathy L, UT

Frequently Asked

Q: What is the difference between the Preserve and Connect Packages?

A: The Preserve Package is a 1 1/2 hour interview and, though it covers the entire life story of a person, it lacks the depth and insights provided by a longer, more profound, interview. 24 photo integrations and a 7 minute celebration video is included. 

In contrast, the Connect Package is a 3 hour interview (with breaks) that focuses on the counsel and advice a person has, in addition to the events that occurred in their life. 50 photos are integrated and a 15 minute celebration video is included.

Q: I'm nervous about being interviewed in front of a camera, what should I do?

A: We use minimal equipment and we use special techniques to make the interview feel more like a fun conversation, rather than a test. You shouldn't feel worried about messing up or not looking good because we take care of that with our editing process. We work hard to make YOU and YOUR STORIES beautiful!

Q: Can you simply explain the whole interview process?

A: 1. Schedule a time for your interview according to which                package you would like to purchase.

     2. One week before the scheduled time, review the                        questions for the interview sent to you by email. 

     3. Complete the interview.

     4. After two weeks, receive your FamFilm via a shareable               link and/or thumb drive. 


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